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Morgan 38 Owners Board
Morgan 38
For sale
Trey Cady (Scorpions - Morgan 382 #180 for sale
Trey Cady (Scorpions - I have a Gaurhauer. [ima
Tabbing Repairs on Pilgrim 1979 M382 hull115
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - We have completed work on
Re-powering SV Pilgrim
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Pilgrims original Yanmar
Hall out pix of Wind Rose
John Thomas (Thethom - Hello Lee, Well it looks
lee nicholas (Stnick - John. Im still in Pitm
lee nicholas (Stnick - John Thomas - i have been
lee nicholas (Stnick - Its almost Easter and Win
New owner question
Vern Gliot (Scupper) - Thanks everyone. Its grea
James M. Cleary (Jim - Matt You are absolute
Larry Hume (Larryhum - Jim, Mat is right and so
Second HIN Location?
Gary Graves (Gmgrave - Hey guys, We are finally
Jim Ball (Maluhia) - How about the state or fe
Ken Ferrari (Datswit - Did they start-over count
Bert Willett (Royalt - I believe they started co
lee nicholas (Stnick - I may be able to shed som
Terence Thatcher (Te - Great story, but I find i
lee nicholas (Stnick - My first wife was a sec f
Jim Ball (Maluhia) - I agree with Terry. I had
Bert Willett (Royalt - I do not think it is agre
lee nicholas (Stnick - I did not mean to cause a
Ken Ferrari (Datswit - Not that it matters much
Rolf Peterson (Rolf) - I have a number in my anc
Ken Ferrari (Datswit - Rolf - Is that your Coast
Rolf Peterson (Rolf) - Hmmm Could be. I am 4
Steve Cundy (Scundy2 - If the vessel has USCG do
Steve Cundy (Scundy2 - Also, you can search the
Marvin (Bill) Willia - Need to see if anyone has
Jack Perlette (Jack_ - Im not at my boat and can
Roger Spreen (Rspree - Gary-- I have a 384 manuf
Alan & Cheryl Shedd  - Roger, what is your full
Roger Spreen (Rspree - MRY38010M83C
New Morgan Owners!!
John Thomas (Thethom - Hello All, My wife and
Ken Ferrari (Datswit - Welcome to the board, Joh
Steve Cundy (Scundy2 - Amen to what Ken said abo
lee nicholas (Stnick - Yes Brion Toss is the mas
Terence Thatcher (Te - John, the mast will vibra
RichardEKilroy (Dick - John: welcome to the grou
Alan Shapiro (Ashapi - Try slacking off your top
John Thomas (Thethom - Well Ken, I am official
James M. Cleary (Jim - John My wife and I h
Dave Ahlers (Dave_a) - Try wrapping your halyard
Trey Cady (Scorpions - Hi John, Ive had my 382
Windlass install
Trey Cady (Scorpions - IDEAL windlass model CWE
Windlass install
Trey Cady (Scorpions - IDEAL windlass model CWE
Windlass install
Trey Cady (Scorpions - IDEAL windlass model CWE