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Morgan 38
Problem with rudder?
john day english (Jd - If anyone is listening? A
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - Can you post a photo?
RichardEKilroy (Dick - John: I didnt know you st
RichardEKilroy (Dick - John: a question I forgot
Tomasz Pol (Solo2) - Update regarding weather
Question for Jeff Lovett
john day english (Jd - Hi Jeff, Great work! Ive
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - John - Thanks for checkin
john day english (Jd - Jeff, Yes Coastie is a 38
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - John, I have checked P
Alan & Cheryl Shedd  - Hi John The Aquadrive loo
john day english (Jd - Hi Jeff and Alan, For wh
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Thanks John.
Atlantic Tower
Rene Marin (Rene_m) - I can send you pics of tw
Ken Ferrari (Datswit - Thanks, Rene. That would
Parts for Morgan 382
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Original M382 Electrical
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - First line of last post s
Steve Cundy (Scundy2 - Jeff, Ill buy it and pay
Alan & Cheryl Shedd  - Hi Jeff What kind of pane
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Steve - Done! My prefe
Steve Cundy (Scundy2 - Yes to PayPal. Ill email
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Alan, We will be using t
Rene Marin (Rene_m) - Im crushed.... i wanted t
Rene Marin (Rene_m) - Is there any chance while
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Rene - I assume you are
Rene Marin (Rene_m) - Yeah, David Smith told me
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - OK Next Item - Pair of te
Cockpit Scuppers
lee nicholas (Stnick - Roger , what would a flip
Ken Ferrari (Datswit - Lee - I believe Roger is
lee nicholas (Stnick - Sometimes im as dumb as a
Rene Marin (Rene_m) - LMAO,. i just shot coffe
Mast and rigging questions..
Rene Marin (Rene_m) - So i have a 382 or 383 bu
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - Look at your hull I.D. nu
Rene Marin (Rene_m) - Holy cow.... I never knew
Rene Marin (Rene_m) - Mine ends with M80B ? bui
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - Are you looking at a form
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - The states recognize the
Dave Ahlers (Dave_a) - Rene When Morgan changed
David Smith (Davidsm - Rene, Your mast is taller
Air Conditioner Placement
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - I plan to install a marin
Rene Marin (Rene_m) - Mine is in the locker acr
lee nicholas (Stnick - On WindRose my ac unit i
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - thanks guys. I hadnt th
Hull numbers
lee nicholas (Stnick - I read the hull number c
David Smith (Davidsm - Lee, I looked your boat u
lee nicholas (Stnick - Thank you kind sir i was
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - Lee, Does your helm seat
David Smith (Davidsm - Lee, Doing some more rese
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - Lee, The 384 also has fac
lee nicholas (Stnick - Yes i have 4 dorade boxes
lee nicholas (Stnick - Today is the day that the
lee nicholas (Stnick - [DSCN0799.JPG] yes i h
lee nicholas (Stnick - /Users/lee3/Desktop/DSCN0
Dave Ahlers (Dave_a) - Were not selling Dorade B
lee nicholas (Stnick - Since You brought up the
Dave Ahlers (Dave_a) - Lee - My wife and I are n
lee nicholas (Stnick - My dink is on Davits and