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Morgan 38
Need help buying a 1980 Morgan 382
John (Wild382) - need a new boom
Electronics: What if you could start from scratch?
lee nicholas (Stnick - On my last boat it had a
Dave Ahlers (Dave_a) - Ive been sailing with a f
John (Wild382) - We have been using Navion
lee nicholas (Stnick - i like Garmin , their te
Need a New Boom or replacement Boom for 382
John (Wild382) - We broke our boom in a ra
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - John, Good luck with the
John (Wild382) - Jeff I can tell you what
John (Wild382) - In hind site I should not
John (Wild382) - I know how it works
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - John, Thanks for the wri
Terence Thatcher (Te - I would have thought or h
John (Wild382) - The boom is repaired. An
John (Wild382) - By the way the guy in the
John (Wild382) - Just so there is no doubt
Any one know is Marty Peters
lee nicholas (Stnick - Is still in Saint Petersb
Any one know if Marty Peters
lee nicholas (Stnick - Is still in Saint Petersb
I need advice....... Help
lee nicholas (Stnick - MY M 384 now has a new d
jose santin (Jose_sa - Lee Please let us know
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Not familiar with the Lof
lee nicholas (Stnick - im thinking now of using
lee nicholas (Stnick - Killets Do you guys thi
lee nicholas (Stnick - A 35 pound Kettle bell
Terence Thatcher (Te - Usually you want to be ab
lee nicholas (Stnick - I went kicking and scream
Jim Ball (Maluhia) -  [] 445.2 K documen
Jim Ball (Maluhia) - Interesting products: ht