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Revisit/update of holding tank quandry
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Pilgrims new black water
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - Jeff, I was checking out
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Thomas, It is a pump for
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - I had looked at doing the
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Thomas, Where did you pl
lee nicholas (Stnick - Jeff , I let my anchor wa
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - Jeff, I placed the electr
Worthwhile projects
randall saunders (Ra - Update here, Weve done a
Dave Ahlers (Dave_a) - Randall - I have no idea
lee nicholas (Stnick - They still make Imron Mar
randall saunders (Ra - kiwi grip it is then
randall saunders (Ra - kiwi grip it is then
Water tank leaking
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - i will be pulling my port
lee nicholas (Stnick - My flux compass I mounte
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - Thanks Lee. Now to find
robert mcdonald (Bob - Lee were are you located
lee nicholas (Stnick - Im in Tarpon springs fl
lee nicholas (Stnick - You know Harbor Freight h
lee nicholas (Stnick - I just Googled Plastic wa
robert mcdonald (Bob - Thanks Lee, much apprecia
Pictures of WindRose's anchor locker
lee nicholas (Stnick - Resized by Tom Mcnulty[Le
lee nicholas (Stnick - ok one pix at a time.[Lee
lee nicholas (Stnick - #3 pix[Lees boat foredec
lee nicholas (Stnick - ok one pix at a time.[Lee
lee nicholas (Stnick - #4[Lees boat foredeck4.j
lee nicholas (Stnick - #5 pix[Lees boat foredec
Terence Thatcher (Te - Very nice job. And your t
lee nicholas (Stnick - I glassed in the Vee birt
Maluhia (Maluhia) - The major concern I have
lee nicholas (Stnick - My windless will be attac
Steve Cundy (Scundy2 - Thanks, Lee!
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Thanks for all the images
lee nicholas (Stnick - I used alu star plate to
Dave Ahlers (Dave_a) - What is he charging you t
lee nicholas (Stnick - When i go cruising I wish
Steve Cundy (Scundy2 - FYI, I just checked starb
lee nicholas (Stnick - Yes i know Dereck and his
Steering Cable/Chain Length?
John A. Dery (Jpanca - Does anyone have the leng
robert mcdonald (Bob - John, If you are ordering
Matt Fahey (Mattfahe - I may be mistaken, but if
robert mcdonald (Bob - Om my 384 they were defin
Terence Thatcher (Te - I need to do this. Is th
lee nicholas (Stnick - John we have the same boa
jose santin (Jose_sa - As per Robert just order
Matt Fahey (Mattfahe - And read the manual - you
Dave Ahlers (Dave_a) - Do you guys suggest greas