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Morgan 38
Vern Gliot (Scupper) - Jeff, Im interested. wher
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Vern, We are in Beaufort
Vern Gliot (Scupper) - Jeff pls call me@ 209-23
Unstepping 382 mast
Geoff Kane (Interlud - Allan, We were reading ab
Geoff Kane (Interlud - Alan, sorry for the doubl
Alan & Cheryl Shedd  - Hi Geoff: So far, the rep
Internal mast conduit replacement?
Rick Noddin (Cadiman - Thanks mates! After clean
Electronics: What if you could start from scratch?
Rick Noddin (Cadiman - Xanadu took a lightning b
lee nicholas (Stnick - Rick Noddin , when i was
I need advice....... Help
Jim Ball (Maluhia) - Good, but first line of d
Lower shroud mast tube cracks
Rick Noddin (Cadiman - My 384 mast is generally
lee nicholas (Stnick - I have no idea but can t
Rick Noddin (Cadiman - Lee, Actually, there are
lee nicholas (Stnick - Rick, thank you . Ill
lee nicholas (Stnick - Rick , I just got off the
lee nicholas (Stnick - Get all the info first be
David Buckley (David - Rick, I had the same prob
Inside genoa tracks
Terence Thatcher (Te - Folks: After many years,
Alan & Cheryl Shedd  - What size Genoa? We have
Jim Ball (Maluhia) - In my opinion, for the in
Terence Thatcher (Te - Jim Cleary, you out there
Jim Ball (Maluhia) - http://www.sailmagazine.c
Larry Hume (Larryhum - Terry, my compliments to
David Buckley (David - Terence, Your daughter so
Companionway slide friction
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - Am I alone or are other M
Bill Harney (Bharney - I used fiberglass sail ba
lee nicholas (Stnick - My 384 has stainless stee
Vern Gliot (Scupper) - Ive used 1/2inch wide sel