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Morgan 38 Owners Board
Morgan 38
Parts for Morgan 382
Steve Cundy (Scundy2 - Jeff, if theyre still ava
Jeff Lovett (Svpilgr - Wooden Cleats and Cockpit
Air Conditioner Placement
lee nicholas (Stnick - sure tomorrow when i go t
lee nicholas (Stnick - i know the kick plate gra
Sirius xm Radio
lee nicholas (Stnick - I just traded a car and r
Thomas McNulty (Tfre - I have a XM that i use in
Starter and house batteries wiring
John (Wild382) - Does anyone have the sche
lee nicholas (Stnick - Mine used to do that too.
John (Wild382) - We have 2 house one start
Alan & Cheryl Shedd  - Hi John: I have the wirin
John (Wild382) - Thanks We are getting it
Tomasz Pol (Solo2) - Your batteries are gettin
John (Wild382) - Yes Could be they are 4 y
Maluhia (Maluhia) - http://www.lead-acid-batt
John (Wild382) - Thanks Im thinking even t
lee nicholas (Stnick - Do any of you guys have o